Research Round-up – November 2020 with Karolina Lisy


Dr Kristi Milley spoke to Dr Karolina Lisy a senior research fellow at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and the Australian Cancer Survivorship Centre as well as a member of PC4’s Early Career Research Network.

Karolina recently published a paper in the Journal of Clinical Medicine entitled “Sharing Cancer Survivorship Care between Oncology and Primary Care Providers: A Qualitative Study of Health Care Professionals’ Experiences”

Karolina emphasised current care for cancer survivors is falling short. We need to shift the model of care and ensure primary care is well represented within this model. Karolina highlighted that patients who receive follow up care from their GP are more satisfied, this form of care is often more convenient, cheaper for the health care system and addresses survivorship needs beyond surveillance. Overall, it is a more holistic approach to care.  Moving forward, Karolina hopes that this study will provide guidance on the best way forward.


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