PC4 is the Primary Care Collaborative Cancer Clinical Trials Group funded by Cancer Australia to support the development of high quality cancer research in primary care.

We provide an infrastructure to foster collaboration between researchers, health care practitioners, policy makers and consumers.

Providing resources to support the development of high quality research concepts into successful applications

PC4 Community Advisory Group members, Makala Castelli and Terri Byrne host this podcast that brings together cancer researchers, survivors and clinicians to talk about their personal cancer journey or their path in cancer research.

PC4’s Dr Kristi Milley deep dives into current research and how this impacts primary care. It’s a fascinating insight into current and historical contexts of cancer in primary care literature.

Cheers with Peers Season 2 concentrates on all things mid-career researcher. Dr Jennifer McIntosh talks to senior researchers about how they navigated being a mid-career researcher. 

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