Community members and consumers

Are you a community member interested in contributing to cancer research?

We have a pool of PC4 Community Members made up of people who are interested in or affected by cancer.  You’ll hear from us several times a year about opportunities to be involved in cancer in primary care research projects, as well as invitations to free talks and events.

We also have a podcast that’s hosted by two of our community members. Have a listen and learn what it’s like to contribute to cancer research.

You can participate at many levels based on your interest and availability:


Activities may include:
  • Reviewing research concepts and protocols from the community perspective, including the relevance of the overall research question
  • Reviewing information sheets and consent forms of PC4 supported studies
  • Reviewing materials
  • Attending Research Development Workshops
  • Participating in working groups
  • Being an advocate for the community for PC4 trials
  • Help share results of PC4 trials
  • Review grant applications

To help guide you about the role of consumers in cancer research, along with some basics of how research is developed we recommend you complete Consumers in Research Training offered by the Cancer Council of Australia. This course is a series of four short modules, over two courses, designed to inform and prepare you to be involved in health and medical research.

There is also a 30-minute short course available online through the Consumer and Community Involvement in Health Research Program.

If you would like to see our CAG and Community Network in action please read this year’s activities report.

Helpful resources:

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