Increasing Awareness of Uterine Cancer Risks and Symptoms by Using Campaign Materials from Inside Knowledge: Get the Facts About Gynecologic Cancer

Uterine cancer is the 5th most commonly diagnosed cancer among women in Australia. A recent campaign was run in the US “Inside knowledge: Get the facts about gynecological cancer” to increase knowledge among women and healthcare providers about uterine cancer. The campaign was community-based, delivering tailored discussion for public participants and providers. Pre- and post- session surveys were delivered to assess knowledge of risk factors, symptoms, testing diagnostic options for uterine cancer. Following the facilitated sessions, significantly more community members were able to identify risk factors for uterine cancer. However, reporting of factors not associated with uterine cancer were also increased. Non-OB/GYN practitioners knowledge increased, and their confidence about relaying uterine cancer information to patients increased from 51.4% to 91%. Overall the campaign was effective in increasing knowledge of uterine cancer, but future health programs would benefit by looking at harder to reach populations and identifying how to educate these communities. Read the full article
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