Immediate chest X-ray for patients at risk of lung cancer presenting in primary care: RCT feasibility trial

The diagnosis of lung cancer in general practice can be complex and difficult, with lung cancer patients typically presenting to GPs several times before referral or investigation. This new study has evaluated the feasibility of an intervention aimed at improving earlier stage diagnosis of lung cancer. The intervention involved providingĀ an urgent X-ray for patients presenting with new or altered cough, wheezing and who were current or ex-smokers with at least 10 pack-years, according to the UK National Institute for Health and Care Excellence guidelines. The trial design and materials were found to be acceptable to GPs and patients but did result in higher anxiety and depression in some patients. Overall, the intervention was feasible and the results will be used to inform a, UK-wide, Phase III trial in the near future.   Read the full article here.
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