Cancer Survivorship in General Practice – Barriers Encountered by General Practitioners in Ireland

Cancer survivors have increased rates of health care utilization compared to non-cancer patients, and the transition back to general practice after cancer treatment can be difficult for both GPs and patients. An online survey of GPs in Ireland was carried out to identify the current barriers in the area of survivorship. Results of this survey showed that the majority of GPs (93.4%) had never attended a survivorship course, conference or workshop. Only 17% considered that they had enough information on the possible long-term effects from cancer treatments. However, 60% indicated that they would like to receive further education on this subject. The most common topics for further training were complications of chemotherapy, complications of radiation therapy, cancer screening and NCCP referral guidelines. This study shows there are significant gaps that exist to support GPs in delivering survivorship care, and extended access to services and education is required. Read the full article  
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