Concept Development

A key role for PC4 is to assist members to develop high quality cancer research in primary care. To achieve this, we offer assistance in both concept development and review. If your research idea is in its early stages we can assist with its development through our Concept Development Workshop (CDW). You will work with a PC4 facilitator to identify current issues and develop your concept to a complete version for discussion at our workshop. This forum then provides peer review from our ‘PC4 Help Team’ of your project concept. Both the research concept and grant application are reviewed by our ‘PC4 Help Team’ which includes:

  • Senior primary care cancer researchers – field specific expertise
  • NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre (CTC) – statistics support
  • Cancer Research Economics Support Team (CREST) – health economics
  • Cancer Australia Chair in Quality of Life (QoL) – design, measurement and analysis of QoL endpoints
  • PC4 Joint Community Advisory Group (JCAG) – consumer view and feedback

Finally, to further assist your progress you will receive with a final report of your workshop which includes the key elements discussed.