Who we are
PC4 is the Primary Care Collaborative Cancer Clinical Trials Group funded by Cancer Australia
to develop cancer research in primary care.  We provide a framework to foster collaboration between health organisations, primary care researchers, GPs, health care professionals, policymakers and consumers. We cover all cancer types from melanoma to lung cancer.

Become a GP circle member
We’re dedicated to ensuring our research has a strong clinical focus that generates outcomes which benefit cancer patients, GPs and practice nurses. GP Circle is a group of GPs, practice managers and practice nurses interested in providing clinical insight and experience to develop new research projects. GP Circle members review research proposals and provide insight and experience that might improve the quality, scope, design, and feasibility of the research project.

We appreciate GPs and Practice Nurses have busy schedules. Therefore, we have developed 3 tiers of participation based on availability and commitment. We reimburse GP Circle members for their time depending on the level of assistance.
1. Provide a brief written review of a new project (1-2 hours – $100 gift voucher)
2. Attend part of our workshop to review one new project (1-2 hours face-to-face – $250 reimbursement and travel reimbursed/paid)
3. Attend our full workshop to review all new projects (6 hours – $600 reimbursement and travel reimbursed/paid).
The research assists with optimal care at critical points in the cancer continuum, from prevention and identification through to post-treatment care or end-of-life care.


Interested in becoming a GP Circle member? Apply using the GP Circle Application Form



Malcolm Clark, Victoria

Rowena Ivers, New South Wales

Justine Morris, New South Wales

Roslyn O’Reilly, Victoria
Practice Nurse

Tim Shortus, New South Wales

Richard Smith, Victoria

Helen Steinke, New South Wales

Elysia Thornton-Benko, New South Wales

Sara Whitburn, Victoria