‘Triple test’ guide for GPs maximises accuracy of breast cancer diagnosis

Cancer Australia has released a GPs guide intended to maximise the success of the investigation of symptoms that could be breast cancer. The triple test, when performed correctly will detect over 99.6% of cancers. Cancer Australia CEO, Dr Helen Zorbas, said, “Around 17,600 breast cancers are diagnosed in Australia each year, and more than half of these are diagnosed as a result of the investigation of a breast change.” The Investigation of a new breast symptom: a guide for General Practitioners specifics the triple test, which is the suggested approach to examining new breast symptoms. Patient history and clinical breast examination; mammography and/or ultrasound imaging; and the use of non-excisional biopsy are involved in the triple test. The guide will be sent to Australian GPs by The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners during November 2017. Cancer Australia, 23/10/17
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