Travel Grant winner’s report

I am grateful for the PC4 Travel Grant supporting my attendance at the PC4 Scientific Symposium. This was my first opportunity to attend this meeting and the program offered a stimulating range of outcomes-focused research, in particular, the new findings on diagnostic pathways and cancer risk communication. The engaged audience heard from speakers from a range of scientific disciplines and perspectives, including multiple projects that had benefited from PC4 support, from concept development, peer and community review, and member collaboration and participation. The Symposium was an excellent demonstration of the scientific advances that can be achieved in primary care with the support of the PC4 services. The presentations and networking opportunities also generated new research ideas around health literacy and integrated linked data resources as assets for clinical trials and other research designs. A/Prof Claire Vajdic PhD Scientia Fellow, UNSW Sydney Co-Convenor, RADiANT Head, Cancer Epidemiology Research Unit
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