Survivorship care plan outcomes for primary care physicians, cancer survivors, and systems: a scoping review

This scoping review aimed to identify gaps in the literature and reveal opportunities for further research concerning outcomes of survivorship care plans (SCPs) for survivors, their primary care physicians and health systems. There were 25 included studies, which looked at primary care physician (PCP) related outcomes, survivor related outcomes or both. Results showed that SCPs made PCPs more comfortable with the care of cancer survivors and more aware of potential issues in their care. Several studies also demonstrated an increase in collaboration between cancer care specialists and the PCPs. However, despite recommendations the SCPs be generated for all post-treatment cancer survivors, PCPs do not consistently receive them. Patients reported an increased quality of life and well-being when using SCPs in primary care. The research highlights the need for careful consideration of SCP mode of delivery and content in order to maximise their utility to both patients and providers. Read the full article
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