Supporting prostate cancer survivors in primary care: Findings from a pilot trial of a nurse-led psycho-educational intervention (PROSPECTIV)

This study sought to test the acceptability and feasibility of a nurse-led psycho-educational intervention (NLPI) delivered in primary care to prostate cancer survivors. Participants, who reported ongoing problems with urinary, bowel, sexual or hormone related functioning/vitality, were randomised to the NLPI plus usual care or usual care alone. Interviews about the experiences of the intervention indicated that it filled an important gap in care following treatment completion, helping men to self-manage and improving their sense of well-being. However, only small differences in patient outcome measures were found, indicating that a larger trial is need to further evaluate intervention effectiveness. One important finding was that participants were on average two years post diagnosis, but most men felt the optimal time for the intervention was around the time of diagnosis and before the end of treatment. Offering the intervention earlier may increase the benefits. This study suggests a NLPI in primary care is acceptable and feasible for prostate cancer survivors and the findings from the study will be beneficial to inform future intervention design. Read the full article here
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