The role of the general practitioner in cancer care: a survey of the patients’ perspective

This article provides insight into the cancer patients’ perspective of their cancer care in Germany. In Germany, there is a lack of information about the importance of GPs in the care of cancer patients. Over 700 cancer patients participated in the survey. The two most common reasons cancer patients visited their GP was to get a blood test or about a pre-existing comorbidity. Over 60% of respondents indicated their GP offered support and answered questions about their cancer. Most importantly, 77% thought it was important or very important that the GP provide simultaneous care during their cancer journey. This study supports the importance of GPs providing care during patients’ cancer therapy and that patients themselves want their GPs to play an active role during their cancer therapy. Overall, this study highlights the need to develop and promote shared care models in Germany and to provide GPs with additional training in cancer care.   Read the full article here.
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