Research Round-up – July 2021 with Special Host Louise Bailey and guests Dr. Kristi Milley & Sophie Chima

Look out …it’s a HOST SWAP! Member of the PC4 Community Advisory Group; Louise Bailey took reign of the microphone in this episode of Research Round-up to interview our own PC4 National Manager Dr Kristi Milley and Ms Sophie Chima from PC4 about their new paper published in the journal Health Expectations, Long-term consumer involvement in cancer research: Working towards partnership. The paper set out to identify barriers and facilitators to meaningful long-term consumer involvement in research. Kristi highlighted that one of that best facilitators they found, and what they ensure happens in the PC4 community advisory group was that the members always feel equal and always feel like their voice is heard and just as important as a researcher or anyone else involved. Sophie emphasised that high level of consumer involvement doesn’t necessarily equate to meaningful involvement. She suggested that growth is needed in optimising processes and making sure that there is a mutual benefit for both researchers and consumers.
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