Research Round-up – February 2021 with Guest Host Sibel Saya and Kristi Milley


Look out …it’s a HOST SWAP!  Previous guest, and former host of PC4’s other podcast ‘Cheers with Peers’; Sibel Saya took reign of the microphone in this episode of Research Round-up to interview our own PC4 National Manager Dr Kristi Milley.  Kristi slid into the guest spotlight to answer questions about her most recent paper entitled “Look who’s talking now: Cancer in primary care on Twitter. An observational study“.  Kristi’s paper was published in BJGP Open.

Kristi and Sibel discuss how often health care professionals and researchers are in their own little ‘twitter bubble’ and the importance of collectively thinking about how they approach engaging with consumers using social media.   Kristi went on to highlight how the complexity of cancer diagnosis and role of primary care can regularly be lost in the 280 characters of a tweet.

She hopes the results of this study open the door to investigating the role of twitter and other platforms in connecting health care professionals and researchers with the public and in turn the public with research, as well as the message of the importance of primary care right across the cancer continuum.

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