Professor Ingrid Winship & Dr Jennifer McIntosh


Position yourself as a leader

This month Dr Jennifer McIntosh talks to Professor Ingrid Winship, Inaugural Chair of Adult Clinical Genetics at the University of Melbourne and The Royal Melbourne Hospital, and they discuss building a wider researcher profile. Dr McIntosh quotes Charles Darwin who said those who dare to waste one hour of time have “not discovered the value of life.” How do mid-career researchers increase their value – is it an issue of time and prioritising your research over everything else?

Professor Winship talks about how mid-career researchers can position themselves as leaders in order to progress to the next stage of their career. She talks about starting small by volunteering for opportunities, whether they be in your faculty or department, in order to get your name known and trusted.

She believes that competition is a winners and losers game, and therefore collaboration is key. She also talks about nurturing your CV and being strategic with your career development. She thinks one should critically assess their career path and ensure that there no “gaps” within your resume. She believes mid-career researchers should commit and become actively involved in the research agenda.

During the podcast, Professor Winship quotes the Robert Frost poem, The Road Not Taken.


Darwin, C. (2005). The Autobiography of Charles Darwin (p. 156). Barnes & Noble.

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