Prevalence and Predictors of Probable Depression in Prostate Cancer Survivors

Cancer survivors have an elevated risk for developing depressive disorders, which can adversely affect their survivorship. The prevention, early diagnosis, and treatment of depression are cancer care priorities, particularly for prostate cancer survivors, as men rarely seek mental health care. This population-based cohort study conducted in the USA describes the prevalence and predictors of probable depression in prostate cancer survivors. Depression was found to be a major challenge for survivors, particularly in the first 5 years after cancer diagnosis. Several risk factors for probable depression were also identified, including an association with decisional regret regarding treatment. Some other predictors for depression were low income, unemployment, and the presence of comorbidities. Primary care providers may be the first point of contact for many men seeking mental health support in Australia, therefore the ability to identify predictive factors of probable depression in cancer survivors is of particular importance. Read full text
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