Nurse-led screening in GP practices boosts early lung cancer and COPD detection

A nurse-led screening programme in Liverpool is preventing around two cases of lung cancer a month across a dozen practices and driving up early detection of COPD, researchers have found. Clinics run at local GP practices by specialist nurses from the city’s hospitals invite patients aged 58-70 years old who have ever smoked and live in high-prevalence parts of the city for a lung assessment. Patients found to be at high risk of developing lung cancer in the next five years – above a 5% threshold using a lung risk tool – are invited for a CT scan at a local hospital. Patients may also take a spirometry test, with abnormal results flagged up to their local GP for follow-up testing and management. A total of 7,150 people across the four neighbourhoods covered by the scheme were invited in for screening within the programme’s first year, and 45% have attended or booked to attend soon. GPOnline, 11/08/17
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