Nurse-led navigation to provide early palliative care in rural areas: a pilot study

This Canadian observational pilot study investigated the feasibility and acceptability of a nurse-navigator to help facilitate early palliative care for older patients with advanced chronic conditions, including cancer, living in rural areas. These patients received bi-weekly visits from the nurse navigator,¬†who provided or facilitated access to symptom management, education, advanced care planning, advocacy and psychosocial support. Overall, the¬†service provided by the nurse-navigator was found to be feasible and acceptable. Patient quality of life measures remained stable and there was no study attrition across the 2-year study period. The use of a nurse-navigator in this context could be a novel approach to help meet the care needs of older adults with advanced chronic disease living in rural areas. The service helped provide continuity of care for patients and their families who were seeing multiple healthcare providers.   Read the full article here:
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