MapMySmoke: feasibility of a new cigarette smoking mobile phone application using integrated geo-positioning technology, and motivational messaging within a primary care setting

There are nearly 15,000 smoking related deaths in Australia each year. A new app designed to help smokers quit has been developed by a group of researchers in the UK. The app called MapMySmoke works on both iphones and Androids. Patients are able to map their smoking and consult with their GP to review their smoking patterns and create an individualised quit attempt plan. The results of the apps initial feasability study which targeted eight patients in a single GP clinic in Scotland was very positive. The study also highlighted that push notifications may be a potential technology for maintaining quit attempts. A larger study of 100 patients is now being planned. The rise of smartphones provides a great opportunity to design targeted and individualised health support messages to smokers attempting to quit during vulnerable times and places.   Read the full article here.
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