Management of common clinical problems experienced by survivors of cancer

Physical and psychosocial side effects from treatment can be a significant burden for cancer survivors, particularly as management of these clinical issues is a need that is commonly unmet. This paper is the first of three in a series about Cancer Survivorship; it describes the common clinical issues faced by cancer survivors and how these can be addressed during a patient visit. Health care professionals such as GPs are recommended to review patients’ medical history and lifestyle factors to assess the severity of side effects and risk of recurrence. GPs can also use a supportive care tool like the Distress Thermometer to evaluate priority areas for patients. The authors suggest various strategies to improve management of clinical issues along the cancer journey, from early education of side effects to in-depth follow ups with patients about side effects from treatment. Ultimately, further research into the mitigation and management of common clinical issues caused by cancer treatment will be crucial in informing models of cancer survivorship care. Read the original article here.
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