LEAD: Timely diagnosis and referral of people with suspected or definite lung cancer

An analysis of current practice and examination of barriers to best practice

This mixed-methods study aims to evaluate the current practice of GPs and health care providers regarding the early detection and referral of patients who have or may have lung cancer; identify barriers and facilitators to timely and appropriate initial diagnosis and referral; compare and contrast diagnosis and health care pathway of CALD patient groups from metropolitan areas and those from rural and regional locations; design a framework and intervention/s for a future trial to improve the early detection and referral of lung cancer in GP and acute health care settings.

Current status:

Funded, open to recruitment


Mazza D, Lin X, Walter F, et al. The LEAD study protocol: a mixed-method cohort study evaluating the lung cancer diagnostic and pre-treatment pathways of patients from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) backgrounds compared to patients from Anglo-Australian backgrounds. BMC Cancer. July 2018;18:754

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