Lack of needs assessment in cancer survivorship care and rehabiliation in hospitals and primary care settings

This study from Denmark has tried to provide evidence on the complexity of cancer survivorship needs assessment in the context of the shared care model of cancer care. The study compared the needs assessment forms of cancer patients at two hospitals and two primary care centres. The needs and rehabilitation plans covered needs in four domains: body function/structure, activity and participation, environmental factors and personal factors. 933 cancer patients between the settings were admitted during the study period, 78% did not wish to complete a needs assessment form, 188 patients completed the needs assessment form. On average patients in primary care prvided 8 needs. In both settings, the top five needs were related to body structure and function – fatigue, reduced muscle strength, worried, weight loss/gain, dizziness/balance. ┬áThis is the first study to describe the needs of cancer patients stated by cancer patients when diagnosed at hospitals and when rehabilitation in primary care begins. The results support the need for a more systematic approach to needs assessment of cancer patients in clinical practice both hospital and primary care based patients. Additionally, it also highlights that care plans should be reviewed, particularly during the transitions from hospital to primary care.   Read the full article here.
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