Knowledge and Preferences of Primary Care Providers in Delivering Head and Neck Cancer Survivorship Care

The long-term care of head and neck cancer survivors is complex. In the USA clinical practice guidelines outline a role for primary care providers (PCPs) in monitoring for recurrence as well as identifying late or long term side-effects of cancer treatment. This study piloted a web-based survey designed in consultation with oncologists and PCPs to target family medicine providers to investigate their preferences, comfort and knowledge of the care of head and neck cancer survivors . Overall, 28 PCPs participated and were most interested in learning about health promotion to patients after their cancer treatment. The survey highlighted that many PCPs do not feel confident around managing late and long term side-effects of treatment. Additionally, many also did not feel confident providing appropriate cancer screening. Improving PCP education and support along with greater coordination with oncology providers may be important in addressing these deficits and enabling PCPs to better care for head and neck cancer survivors.   Read the full article here.
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