Integrated care for resected early stage lung cancer: innovations and exploring patient needs

This article from BMJ Open Respiratory Research highlights the increasing role of primary care in the care and follow-up of patients with lung cancer. This increasing role of primary care is important for the long-term sustainability of our health care system. The article highlights that GPs feel confident and enabled to help contribute to the long-term care of cancer patients and cancer survivors. Importantly, that patients also feel satisfied with care delivery in primary care. There are concerns about GP workloads with this potential shift in patient care. For freater involvement of GPs with lung cancer patients there must be effective communication and guidance on follow-up protocols along with clearly defined roles and responsibilities. To help achieve this a more collaborative, integrated approach to lung cancer care is needed. GPs can help provide more holistic patient-oreinted care but high-quality studies are need to evaluate this role of GPs more as well as demonstrate improved care for patients.   Read the full article here.
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