Indigenous Counselling and Nictotine Quit in Preganancy Guidelines: ICAN Quit Trial

Pregnant tobacco smokers with comorbid substance use problems are a highly vulnerable and priority population. Aboriginal women are over-represented in this group. To date, smoking cessation rates are negligible in this target population (close to zero), with few existing effective interventions to support this target group to quit smoking. This was a pilot, pre-post study, to trial the acceptability and feasibility of an evidence-based smoking cessation intervention for pregnant women who smoke tobacco with other substance use problems. The intervention used a combination of counselling, nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) from a trained ‘tobacco treatment specialist’, and contingent incentives (monetary rewards) dependent on validated smoking reduction and abstinence.

Current status:

Funded, completed.

Current publication:

The Indigenous Counselling and Nicotine (ICAN) QUIT in Pregnancy Pilot Study protocol: a feasibility step- wedge cluster randomised trial to improve health providers’ management of smoking during pregnancy Assessing and Validating an Educational Resource Package for Health Professionals to Improve Smoking Cessation Care in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Pregnant Women Designing an implementation intervention with the Behaviour Change Wheel for health provider smoking cessation care for Australian Indigenous pregnant women. Collective and negotiated design for a clinical trial addressing smoking cessation supports for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mothers in NSW, SA and QLD.

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