Improved models of care for cancer survivors

Follow-ups for cancer survivors are usually led by cancer specialists, however there exist various models of care have been shown to be equally effective for patients with different needs. Alternative models of care include those led by GPs, shared care models led by GPs and cancer specialists, and those led by cancer nurses.  The optimal model of care for each cancer survivor depends on factors at the level of the patient, healthcare system, and policy. In particular, a successful model should lead to greater survival, lower risk of recurrence or new cancers, higher quality of life and patient experience. This should improve outcomes for survivors equitably, sustainably, and affordably. Unfortunately, existing models of cancer care are currently lacking in these aspects. The authors suggest a shift to more patient-centred care and stronger focus on quality of life, patient experience, management of comorbidities, and lower costs for patients. In summary, alternative models of care should be implemented with adequate support for GPs and nurses. Read the original article here.
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