Implementing genetic education in primary care: the Gen-Equip programme

Genetics, genomics and genetic testing are becoming increasingly important in primary healthcare. At least 10% of patients have a condition that has a genetic component and will be seen in primary care. Primary care providers may be challenged to identify patients who may need genetic testing for diagnosis. Previous studies indicate that primary care practitioners lack practical knowledge of genetics and confidence in providing services related to genetic conditions. To combat this, the Gen-Equip project was funded by the European Union. This project aimed to provide genetic education that can be accessed by primary care health professionals without cost or travel. The project brought together specialists from primary care, clinical genetics and patient organisations from 6 European Union countries. These specialists developed online case-based modules that were designed around a typical consultation in primary care. There are 9 modules in total and topics covered include familial cancer, a child with a genetic condition and pregnancy or reproduction-related scenarios. These modules are now available online and are accessible free of charge. In addition, the authors have also provided a series of short online webinars that cover the foundation knowledge and skills needed when considering genetics and genetic testing in primary care. View the Gen-Equip website and modules here. Read the full article here.  
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