Experiences of Australian men diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer: a qualitative study

This cross-sectional, qualitative study aimed to explore men’s experiences of being diagnosed and living with advanced prostate cancer in Australia. 39 men were surveyed, with 28 men participating in an in-depth telephone interview. Analysis of the interviews identified two organising themes: lived experience and supportive care. The six themes identified within lived experience were: regret about late diagnosis and treatment decisions, being discounted in the health system, fear/uncertainty about the further, acceptance of their situation, masculinity and treatment effects. The second organising theme captured elements of supportive care that men found challenging and their preferences for how care should be delivered. These sub-themes were communication, care coordination, accessible care, shared experience/peer support and involvement of their partner/family. In conclusion, supportive care services for men with advanced prostate cancer needs to be multi-modal and take into account the influence of life course on men’s illness experience. Read the full article
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