Educational innovation to integrate cancer survivorship in primary care: course evaluation and learner outcomes

As cancer survivorship continues to rise globally, health professionals look to various educational resources to keep up with the latest research in primary care. This study assessed the impact on learners who completed the Health After Cancer: Cancer Survivorship for Primary Care continuing medical education online course. Launched two years ago, the course was developed for general practitioners around cancer survivorship in primary care. Around 300 learners from over 40 countries completed the course. These were mostly health professionals such as doctors and registered nurses who came from a range of backgrounds, predominantly primary care and oncology. Learners were highly satisfied with the course, found it highly relevant to practice, and their learnings translated to changes in practice. In particular, learners reported improved patient education through sharing of course resources. Learners were also able to communicate better with patients and other healthcare professionals around cancer survivorship in primary care. Lastly, learners made changes to their practice in terms of cancer diagnosis, screening, treatment, and patient visit coordination. In future, the authors aim to evaluate the long-term effects of the course on health outcomes and patient experiences. Read the original article here.
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