Does medicinal cannabis affect depression, anxiety, and stress in people with cancer?

Given the high prevalence of medicinal cannabis use among people with cancer, a systematic review and meta-analysis examined its efficacy and safety as an intervention for supporting mental health and related outcomes in people with cancer. Primary outcomes were the incidence and severity of depression, anxiety, and stress symptoms. Secondary outcomes included mood, cognition, quality of life, appetite, nutrition status, gastrointestinal symptoms, and adverse events. The review found insufficient evidence to determine the efficacy and safety of medicinal cannabis as a therapeutic agent for reducing the primary outcomes. Regarding secondary outcomes, there was moderate confidence in the large, pooled effect on increased appetite. Further well-powered trials are necessary to develop therapeutic regimens targeting mental health in clinical practice for individuals with cancer. These trials should employ validated outcome measures for depression, anxiety, and stress and ensure comprehensive data reporting. You can read the original article here.
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