Diet, physical activity and cancer prevention

It is well known that healthy lifestyle habits including diet and exercise is an effective and cost-efficient approach to reducing the risk of cancer. This chapter from Nutrition and Health reflects the years of research, which includes the most comprehensive report on nutrition and cancer prevention from the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) and American Institute of Cancer Research (ACIR). A healthy diet and physical activity could prevent over three to four million cancer cases each year across the globe.  The ACIR continues to monitor diet, nutrition, physical activity and cancer risk with their Continuous Update Project. Since 1991, the American Cancer Society has reported a decrease of 23% of cancer related mortality. With the reductions in smoking and improved cancer prevention and early detection, there has been a declining incidence of cancer in men by 3.1%. This chapter also points out the inconsistencies within the research with determining cancer risk and also looks at the genetic background of patients. Read the book chapter here.
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