Diagnostic Performance of Biomarkers for Bladder Cancer Detection Suitable for Community and Primary Care Settings: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Early detection of bladder cancer can be difficult in general practice settings. A systematic review explored the effectiveness of various diagnostic tools for improving early detection in bladder cancer. Only three biomarkers (NMP-22, UroVysion, and uCyt+) out of 112 biomarkers were shown to have discriminative ability, as these biomarkers were tested in more than 5 studies each. However, several other biomarkers (ADXBLADDER, CxBladder Triage, Xpert) that were only tested in one or two studies each may potentially show discriminative ability once more evidence is collected. Further studies are needed to demonstrate whether these biomarkers are effective in diagnosing bladder cancer in the general population. If these biomarkers are indeed successful, then they could be integrated into the diagnostic pathway and guidelines around bladder cancer diagnosis in general practice. Read the original article here.
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