Cheers with Peers – Professor Lena Sanci and Dr Jennifer McIntosh – September 2019


Negotiating the tricky things

In this episode, Dr Jennifer McIntosh and Professor Lena Sanci broach how to negotiate the awkward issues as a mid career researcher (MCR). Professor Lanci is the Head of Department, Director of Teaching and Learning, and co-lead of the Children and Young People’s Research Stream, Department of General Practice (DGP), University of Melbourne. She discusses her career path as an advanced General Practice Trainee at the Royal Children’s Hospital and her ‘serendipitous’ trajectory.

Being a MCR can be tricky, especially when negotiating things such as collaborator roles; becoming a Chief Investigator on a Grant; the administrative burden of being an MCR with added responsibilities; settling authorship position and choosing mentors and peers who can assist you with your research. She is adamant that career mentors are imperative to a researcher’s success.  Professor Sanci believes that landing that first large Grant and requesting to be Chief Investigator means you must have courage to back yourself, and confidence in the work you have completed. She discusses negotiating the authorship position on research papers, which can be complicated, particularly when campaigning for senior authorship. She believes MCRs should seize all opportunities presented to them, particularly novel ideas as it will emerge whether the opportunity is something that will be productive and conducive to a MCR career trajectory.

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