Cheers with Peers – Prof Meredith Temple-Smith & Dr Jennifer McIntosh – October 2019



What makes a great supervisor? How does a mid-career researcher navigate the role of being a supervisor? In this episode, DrJennifer McIntosh and Professor Meredith Temple-Smith talk about being a mid-career researcher and the role of supervisor. Professor Temple-Smith is the Director of Research Training in the Department of General Practice. Primarily a qualitative researcher, her interests centre on sexual health, hepatitis C, and health services research. 

She talks about the apprenticeship model of supervision and how this is key to becoming an effective supervisor. She believes that being part of an Advisory Committee would be helpful for mid-career researchers and gives some advice about what makes a committed and successful supervisor. For example, documenting every decision you make when supervising and she discusses the importance of timely feedback. Dr McIntosh mentions the Warm Demander approach and how to “expect a great deal of their students, convince them of their own brilliance, and help them to reach their potential in a disciplined and structured environment” (Delpit, 2013). How can a mid-career researcher become a warm demander in their supervisor role? Professor Temple-Smith talks about how approachable relationships with students really assists with navigating the authentic the feedback cycle between supervisor and student.

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Delpit, L. (2013). Multiplication is for white people: Raising expectations for other people’s children. New York: The New Press.

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