Cheers with Peers Episode 6 – Distinguished Professor Patsy Yates, Professor Ray Chan and Sibel Saya

Nurse-led research

In this episode, Sibel Saya sits down with Distinguished Professor Patsy Yates and Professor Ray Chan to discuss nurse-led research pathways for early career researchers. Distinguished Professor Yates discusses undertaking further education and how nurses must consider deeply the reasons for wanting to do research and what understand what drives them. She believes that researchers must be people who are willing to think outside the square and that creative and critical thinking skills are key for researchers. Professor Chan touches upon the importance of mentors, support groups and professional networks when looking at the researcher career path. He advises nurses to look at applying for scholarships and speak to peers who have journeyed the pathway previously. Distinguished Professor Yates discusses how the language used by nurses, when communicating with peers and consumers, for instance, is crucial. Sibel also mentions Distinguished Professor Yates collaboration with the Cancer Nurses Society Australia and the Oncology Nurses Society.

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