Cheers with Peers Episode 5 – Kristi Milley and Sibel Saya


Dr Kristi Milley on engaging in support networks

An integral feature of being an Early Career Researchers (ECR) is where to access support. Recognising your community, peers, organisations – all which are devised to support ECRs. Research can be a lonesome endeavour and encouraging and engaging in support mechanisms is crucial to success. In this episode, Sibel Saya and National Manager of PC4, Dr Kristi Milley, discuss how to most effectively engage in support networks. She also examines new ways of engaging with the research community via social media platforms like Twitter. She mentions Flinders University’ Hugh Kearns Twitter account, which is a great resource for ECRs to follow and share important issues such as mental health and resilience strategies. She talks about the hashtag #phdchat and #ECRchat where ECRs share stories and tips and suggestions about what being an ECR is. Dr Milley talks about the special relationship that mentors can have with ECRs and aid their career trajectory. Dr Milley turns the tables on Sibel and asks her opinions on being an ECR.

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