Challenges in the Development of e-Quit worRx: An iPad App for Smoking Cessation Counseling and Shared Decision Making in Primary Care

Despite having one of the lowest smoking prevalence rates in the world, nearly 15% of adult Australians smoke daily. The RACGP provides guidelines for supporting smoking succession as GPs are uniquely placed to discuss smoking cessation in a way that enhances patient-initiated change and attemps to quit. The aim of this US based study was to evaluate the challenges in developing a tablet-based, evidence-based smoking cessation app to optimise interaction for shared decision making between GPs and their patients who smoke. The development of the app, e-Quit worRx, was guided by shared decision-making and behavioural theories of smoking cessation. Despite successfully developing the app, the authors highlight the difficulty in funding and the complexity of developing and coding a health app. The complexity of which is compounded by time needed for development compared to a short life cycle.   Read the full text
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