Cancer surveillance and preventive services in a diverse sample of breast and colorectal cancer survivors

An estimated 19% of breast cancers among females and 15% of colorectal cancers among adults occur before age 50. However, these cancer survivors diagnosed at an early age remain at risk for cancer recurrence and other chronic diseases. This study assessed engagement in surveillance for recurrence, cancer screening, and other recommended preventive health services among this group. 156 survivors completed the survey for the study, of whom, 71% were a racial/ethnic minority. They found that 80% received appropriate surveillance for recurrence, and 72% received recommended screening for early detection of other cancers (breast, cervical, colorectal). For other preventative health services, screening rates were highest for blood pressure (96%), cholesterol (86%), and diabetes (81%), followed by dental visits (64%) and flu vaccination (35%). Understanding behaviors from this younger, diverse population merits particular attention, given their extended lifespan and their susceptibility to cancer recurrence and development of additional comorbidities over their lifespan. Findings from this study are intended to inform interventions for adult cancer survivors diagnosed at a young age to improve primary prevention and reduce long-term risk of recurrence in this understudied population.

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