Are you a GP? We need your help

PC4 – Primary Care Collaborative Cancer Clinical Trials Group is funded by Cancer Australia to help develop high-quality research that focuses on the role of primary care across the cancer continuum. We support trials in cancer prevention, screening, early diagnosis, survivorship, shared care and palliative care. We are seeking GPs interested in providing their clinical insight and experience to help develop and review new research projects¬† developed by PC4 and its members. The proposed role would involve attending 1 or 2 workshops a year (Melbourne and/or Sydney). Workshops run from 10am-4pm. Three to five new research concepts are discussed by our Scientific Committee and invited guests. The participant/s would be expected to review the proposals and provide any insight and experience they have that might improve the quality, scope, design, acceptability or feasibility of the research project. PC4 would financially reimburse GPs for their time and contribution. For more information please contact: Dr Rachel Canaway Collaboration and Network Manager, Victorian primary care practice-based Research Network (VicReN) T: (03) 8344 3392 E:¬†  
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