Cancer and Multimorbidity Working Group

The Cancer and Multimorbidity Working Group was founded in 2017, and brings together a passionate group of academics and clinicians who share a common interest in cancer, multimorbidity and primary care. The working group is committed to identifying the unique healthcare needs of individuals with cancer and multiple chronic medical conditions (multimorbidity), and to drive the change needed in order to optimise patient care. We aim to do this through formulating key research questions and initiating the research projects that will answer these questions. Our goal is to build and develop an evidence base that will lead to the implementation of best practice healthcare within the primary care setting.    

Dr Laura Deckx 

Qualifications: PhD Biomedical Sciences, MSc Epidemiology, MSc Physical Education and Kinesiology
Location: The University of Queensland
Role: Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Research Interests: Cancer survivorship, multimorbidity, digital health  

Prof Raymond Chan

Qualifications: RN, BN, MAppSc (Research), PhD, GAICD
Princess Alexandra Hospital and Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane
Professor of Cancer Nursing
Research Interests: Survivorship, Symptom Management, Models of Care, Palliative Care

Assoc Prof Haryana Dhillon (Co-chair)

Location: New South Wales
Role: Senior Research Fellow, Science, School of Psychology
Research Interests: Cognitive dysfunction and fatigue related to cancer and its treatment; Sleep disturbance in people with cancer, Physical activity and its impact on outcomes of people with cancer, Psychosocial issues related to cancer and end of life care

Prof Jon Emery

Qualifications: MBBch, DPhil, FRACGP, MRCGP, MA
Location: General Practice & Primary Care Academic Centre, University of Melbourne
Role: Herman Professor of Primary Care Cancer Research, University of Melbourne and Western Health; Clinical Professor at the University of Western Australia; and Senior Clinical Research Associate at the University of Cambridge, UK
Research Interests: Cancer diagnosis, Complex interventions, Genetic medicine and Primary care trials

Professor Bogda Koczwara

Qualifications: BM BS FRACP MBioethics
Location: South Australia
Role: Senior Staff Specialist, Department of Medical Oncology and National Breast Cancer Foundation Practitioner Fellow
Research Interests: Her clinical interests revolve around management of breast cancer, cancer survivorship, psychooncology and supportive care as well as health services development, integration with primary care and cancer education for health care professionals. 

Professor Sharon Lawn

Qualifications: PhD, MSW, Dip Ed., BA
Location: South Australia
Role: Researcher
Research Interests: Interests include mental health systems and service user equity of health care. Highly active in mental health consumer-carer movement in Australia and brings multi-disciplinary skills and experience from being a health professional. 

Dr Jasmine Yee

Qualifications: BSc, PhD.
Location: School of Psychology, The University of Sydney
Role: Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Research Interests: Role of exercise and physical activity to improve physical and psychosocial wellbeing in people with cancer

Professor Jane Young

Qualifications: MBBS, MPH, PhD, FAFPHM
Location: New South Wales
Role: Professor in Cancer Epidemiology, Sydney School of Public Health
Research Interests: Cancer health services research; cancer epidemiology research; evaluation of surgical outcomes; measurement and evaluation of cancer care coordination; quality of life assessment; implementation science; evidence-based medicine.

Dr Kristi Milley

Qualifications: B.App.Sci (Hons) PhD
Location: Melbourne
Role: National Manager, PC4
Research Interests: cancer in primary care, social media

Dr Claudia Rutherford

Qualifications:  PhD Health Outcome Measurement; Postgrad Dip Psych; BPsych.
Location:  School Psychology, University of Sydney
Role: Deputy Director and Senior Research Fellow, Sydney Quality of Life Office, University of Sydney.
Research Interests: patient-reported outcome (PRO) assessment, including health-related quality of life (HRQoL) and symptom burden; implementing the routine collection of PROs in oncology health settings for individual patient decision-making and health service evaluation; and survivorship issues for colorectal cancer survivors.

Dr Christopher Steer

Qualifications: MBBS, FRACP
Location: New South Wales 
Role: Medical Oncologist
Research Interests: Interest in gynaecological oncology and cancer in the older adult.

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