6th Jul 2021
Research Round-up – July 2021 with Special Host Louise Bailey and guests Dr. Kristi Milley & Sophie Chima

Look out …it’s a HOST SWAP! member of the PC4 Community Advisory Group; Louise Bailey took reign of the microphone in this episode of Research Round-up to interview our own PC4 National Manager Dr Kristi Milley and Ms Sophie Chima from PC4 about their new paper published in the journal Health Expectations, Long-term consumer involvement in cancer research: Working towards partnership.

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7th Jun 2021
Research Round-up – June 2021 with Prof Ross Lawrenson & Dr Tania Blackmore

Dr Kristi Milley spoke to Professor Ross Lawrenson and Dr Tania Blackmore from the University of Waikato. Ross is an academic GP and Professor of Population Health and Medical Research. Tania is a Senior Research Fellow with a background in Psychology. Together, they have published a study in BMC Family Practice titled How do colorectal cancer patients rate their GP: a mixed methods study.

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10th May 2021
Research Round-up – May 2021 with Andi Agbejule

Dr Kristi Milley spoke to Andi Agbejule a PhD student in the Cancer Survivorship research group at the University of Queensland.Andi has recently published a systematic review titled ‘Outcomes of cancer survivorship education and training for primary care providers’ in the Journal of Cancer Survivorship. The paper identified published literature regarding cancer survivorship education programs for primary care providers and assessed their outcomes. As a result of the review seven key recommendations were proposed for developing and evaluating survivorship education programs which you can hear about in the episode. One of Andi’s key points was that future educational programs need to be more tailored to primary care practice.

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1st Mar 2021
Research Round-up – March 2021 with Dr Natalia Calanzani

Dr Kristi Milley spoke to Dr Natalia Calanzani from Cambridge University in the UK. Natalia is a Research Associate and a member of the CanTest Collaborative. 

Natalia recently published ‘Identifying novel biomarkers ready for evaluation in low-prevalence populations for the early detection of upper gastrointestinal cancers: a systematic review’ in Advances in Therapy.

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15th Feb 2021
Research Round-up – February 2021 with Guest Host Sibel Saya and Kristi Milley

Look out …it’s a HOST SWAP!  Previous guest, and former host of PC4’s other podcast ‘Cheers with Peers’; Sibel Saya took reign of the microphone in this episode of Research Round-up to interview our own PC4 National Manager Dr Kristi Milley.  Kristi slid into the guest spotlight to answer questions about her most recent paper entitled “Look who’s talking now: Cancer in primary care on Twitter. An observational study“.  Kristi’s paper was published in BJGP Open.

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11th Jan 2021
Research Round-up – January 2021 with Professor Yoryos Lyratzopoulos and Dr Monica Koo

Dr Kristi Milley spoke to Professor Yoryos Lyratzopoulos and Dr Monica Koo from University College London. Yoryos is Professor of Cancer Healthcare Epidemiology and leads the Epidemiology of Cancer Healthcare and Outcomes (ECHO) group and Monica is a post-doctoral research associate in the ECHO group.

They recently published a paper ‘The prevalence of chronic conditions in patients diagnosed with one of 29 common and rarer cancers: A cross-sectional study using primary care data’ in the journal Cancer Epidemiology.

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7th Dec 2020
Research Round-up – December 2020 with Saskia Maass and Dr Annette Berendsen

Dr Kristi Milley spoke to Saskia Maass and Dr Annette Berendsen from the University of Groningen in The Netherlands. Saskia is both a researcher and GP in training. Annette was the Program Leader of Oncology Research in Primary Care at the Department of General Practice at the University of Groningen. 

They recently published a paper in the journal “The Breast” entitled “Symptoms in long-term breast cancer survivors: A cross-sectional study in primary care”

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2nd Nov 2020
Research Round-up – November 2020 with Karolina Lisy

Dr Kristi Milley spoke to Dr Karolina Lisy a senior research fellow at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and the Australian Cancer Survivorship Centre as well as a member of PC4’s Early Career Research Network.

Karolina recently published a paper in the Journal of Clinical Medicine entitled “Sharing Cancer Survivorship Care between Oncology and Primary Care Providers: A Qualitative Study of Health Care Professionals’ Experiences”

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28th Sep 2020
Research Round-up – October 2020 with Rebecca Bergin

Dr Kristi Milley spoke to Dr Rebecca Bergin research fellow at the Cancer Council Victoria and member of PC4’s Early Researcher Career Network. Rebecca recently published a paper in the journal of Cancer Policy entitled “Optimal care pathways: A national policy to improve quality of cancer care and address inequalities in cancer outcomes?”

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