4th Jul 2022
Research Round-up — July 2022 with Prof Jon Emery and Prof Michael Jefford (Part 1 of 2)

Kristi Milley speaks with Professor Jon Emery, Herman Chair of Primary Care Research at the University of Melbourne, and Director of PC4. And Professor Michael Jefford, Medical Oncologist and Director of the Australian Cancer Survivorship Centre at the Peter MacCallum Centre.

Jon and Michael are part of a team of experts who have published a series of three papers around Cancer Survivorship in the Lancet. And for those of you who aren’t in research, The Lancet would be the silver medallist at the Olympics in medical journals. Today, we’re discussing the first two papers in the series: management of clinical issues experienced by survivors, and improved models of care for cancer survivors.

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1st Jun 2022
Research Round-up — June 2022 with Dr Kellie Toohey and Dr Michael Chapman

Kristi Milley speaks with Dr Kellie Toohey, an exercise physiologist and academic at the University of Canberra. And Dr Michael Chapman, a geriatrician and palliative care physician. He is also the Director of Palliative Care at Canberra Hospital and a researcher at the Australian National University.

Kellie and Michael’s team recently published a systematic review in the Journal of Cancer Survivorship about the effects of physical exercise in the palliative care phase for people with advanced cancer.

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2nd May 2022
Research Round-up — May 2022 with Dr Larry Myers

Kristi Milley speaks with Dr Larry Myers, a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Cancer Council Queensland. Larry and his team recently published a study in the journal Psycho-Oncology about Mail-out bowel cancer screening: Identifying the behavioural stumbling blocks.

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6th Jul 2021
Research Round-up – July 2021 with Special Host Louise Bailey and guests Dr. Kristi Milley & Sophie Chima

Look out …it’s a HOST SWAP! member of the PC4 Community Advisory Group; Louise Bailey took reign of the microphone in this episode of Research Round-up to interview our own PC4 National Manager Dr Kristi Milley and Ms Sophie Chima from PC4 about their new paper published in the journal Health Expectations, Long-term consumer involvement in cancer research: Working towards partnership.

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7th Jun 2021
Research Round-up – June 2021 with Prof Ross Lawrenson & Dr Tania Blackmore

Dr Kristi Milley spoke to Professor Ross Lawrenson and Dr Tania Blackmore from the University of Waikato. Ross is an academic GP and Professor of Population Health and Medical Research. Tania is a Senior Research Fellow with a background in Psychology. Together, they have published a study in BMC Family Practice titled How do colorectal cancer patients rate their GP: a mixed methods study.

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10th May 2021
Research Round-up – May 2021 with Andi Agbejule

Dr Kristi Milley spoke to Andi Agbejule a PhD student in the Cancer Survivorship research group at the University of Queensland.Andi has recently published a systematic review titled ‘Outcomes of cancer survivorship education and training for primary care providers’ in the Journal of Cancer Survivorship. The paper identified published literature regarding cancer survivorship education programs for primary care providers and assessed their outcomes. As a result of the review seven key recommendations were proposed for developing and evaluating survivorship education programs which you can hear about in the episode. One of Andi’s key points was that future educational programs need to be more tailored to primary care practice.

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