14th Sep 2020
Research Round-up – August 2020 with Linda Denehy

Dr Kristi Milley spoke to Linda Denehy who is the Head of School and Professor of Physiotherapy at the University of Melbourne, School of Health Sciences as well as a Professor of Allied Health Research at Peter McCallum Cancer Centre.

Linda recently published a paper in the Australian Journal of General Practice entitled “‘Probably better than any medication we can give you’: General practitioners’ views on exercise and nutrition in cancer’”

Exercise and healthy eating patterns are effective in improving health-related quality of life for patients with cancer. However, there is limited data on the GPs’ views about providing exercise and nutrition recommendations to their cancer patients.

Linda highlights that physiotherapists intersect at every stage of cancer survivorship – each of which presents different exercise and nutrition needs.  The paper looked at GPs experiences of providing nutrition exercise advice to their patients and what the barriers and enablers were for them to do this.  

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31st Aug 2020
Research Round-up – August 2020 with Sibel Saya

Dr Kristi Milley spoke to Sibel Saya who is a Genetic Counsellor and PhD student at University of Melbourne as well as a past host of PC4’s other podcast Cheers with Peers. 

Sibel recently published a paper in Public Health Genomics entitled “A Genomic Test for Colorectal Cancer Risk: Is This Acceptable and Feasible in Primary Care?” 

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16th Mar 2020
Research Round-up – March 2020 – A/Prof Julia Brotherton

Dr Kristi Milley spoke to Associate Professor Julia Brotherton who is Medical Director of the Victorian Cancer Service’s Population Health and a member of the WHO Director General’s Expert Advisory Group on Cervical Cancer Elimination. Julia is the senior author on a new publication in Plos One titled – ‘Implementation of Australia’s renewed cervical screening program: Preparedness of general practitioners and nurses’.

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8th Jan 2020
Research Round-up – January 2020 – Ruth Swann

Dr Kristi Milley spoke to Ruth Swann, Senior Cancer Information Analyst at Cancer Research UK and Public Health UK about the recently published paper, ‘The frequency, nature and impact of GP-assessed avoidable delays in a population-based cohort of cancer patients’.

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2nd Dec 2019
Research Round-up – December 2019 – Professor Vicki White

Dr Kristi Milley speaks to Professor Vicki White, Professor of Psycho-Oncology at the Faculty of Health at Deakin University. She was lead author on ‘The pathway to diagnosis and treatment for surgically managed lung cancer patients’ published recently in the journal Family Practice.

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3rd Sep 2019
Research Round-up – September 2019 – Karolina Lisy

Dr Milley talks to Dr Karolina Lisy, Senior Research Fellow in the Survivorship and Living Well After Cancer group at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. She recently published a systematic review in Asia‐Pacific Journal of Clinical Oncology titled “Identifying the most prevalent unmet needs of cancer survivors in Australia: A systematic review”. The review identified the most common unmet needs of cancer survivors in Australia, looking at personal, disease, and treatment‐related variables connected with unmet needs.

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3rd Sep 2019
Research Round-up – September 2019 – Michael Jefford

Dr Milley talks to Professor Michael Jefford – a Consultant Medical Oncologist and Director of the Australian Cancer Survivorship Centre, at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. Professor Jefford recently co-authored “Tools to facilitate communication during physician‐patient consultations in cancer care: An overview of systematic reviews”.

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