14th Oct 2019
Cheers with Peers – Prof Meredith Temple-Smith & Dr Jennifer McIntosh – October 2019

In today’s episode you’ll hear from Professor Temple-Smith. What makes a great supervisor? How can you as a mid-career researcher model yourself on being an effective supervisor particularly if you’ve never experienced it yourself? Lisa Delpit says Warm Demanders “expect a great deal of their students, convince them of their own brilliance, and help them to reach their potential in a disciplined and structured environment” How can you be a warm demander in your role as a supervisor?

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15th Apr 2019
Cheers with Peers Episode 8 – Dr Rebecca Bergin and Sibel Saya – April 2019

In this episode, Sibel Saya and Dr Rebecca Bergin from Cancer Council Victoria talk about Dr Bergin’s experience as an Early Career Researcher observer of the NHMRC Project Grant review panel. The conversation centres on the process of how Grant applications are reviewed and some key take-aways from her observations. She talks in depth about the process the panels go through when reviewing applications.

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15th Feb 2019
Cheers with Peers Episode 6 – Distinguished Professor Patsy Yates, Professor Ray Chan and Sibel Saya

In this episode, Sibel Saya sits down with Distinguished Professor Patsy Yates and Professor Ray Chan to discuss nurse-led research pathways for early career researchers. Distinguished Professor Yates discusses undertaking further education and how nurses must consider deeply the reasons for wanting to do research and what understand what drives them. She believes that researchers must be people who are willing to think outside the square and that creative and critical thinking skills are key for researchers.

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8th Jan 2019
Cheers with Peers Episode 5 – Kristi Milley and Sibel Saya

An integral feature of being an Early Career Researchers (ECR) is where to access support. Recognising your community, peers, organisations, all are which are devised to support ECRs. Research can be a lonesome endeavour and encouraging and engaging in support mechanisms is crucial to success.

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10th Dec 2018
Cheers with Peers Episode 4 – Sibel Saya and Professor Jon Emery

In this episode, Sibel Saya and Professor Jon Emery discuss General Practitioner (GP) led research pathways for early career researchers. He discusses in depth his personal experience journeying along the academic career pathway and offers helpful advice to early career researchers and GPs considering research.

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