Research Round-up – November 2019 – Ellena Badrick and Jon Emery

Professor Jon Emery is our guest host this month and he talks to Ellena Badrick,  a Research Associate at the Division of Cancer Sciences at the University of Manchester. She is the first author of the recently published “Top ten research priorities for detecting cancer early” in The Lancet. In this episode, Ellena talks about the process of gathering key research questions around the early detection of cancers via an online survey. The survey was promoted by networks, funders, and patient charities, and allowed responders to provide the most important unanswered questions around the early detection of cancer. The results were then reviewed to determine if research had previously been done to answer any of the questions that were identified. 24 unanswered research questions were distilled into another survey and taken to a workshop with consumers and clinicians. The top ten were then decided upon and ordered based on priority. Ellena reflects on the results and the process of the workshop, as well as the differences and similarities between the consumer and clinician priorities. She discusses the future of the project and how their work could influence research funders to adopt these priorities. During the podcast, she also talks about Scans in Vans project in Manchester headed by Dr. Phil Crosbie.


Badrick, E., Cresswell, K., Ellis, P., Renehan, A. & Crosbie E. (2019). Top ten research priorities for detecting cancer early. The Lancet

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