Support Services and Collaboration

As part of developing and improving cancer research in primary care PC4 offers a number of support services to PC4 supported projects. We accept applications for support at any time.

Support services PC4 provides include:
  • Identifying potential collaborators to develop new ideas or extend existing projects.
  • Background research including systematic reviews
  • Meeting coordination
  • Assistance with ethics and regulatory applications
  • Updating RGMS
  • Peer and/or community review
  • Clinical trial registration
As part of our support researchers are required to submit six-monthly reports to the PC4 Office, including details of:
  • Accrual
  • Participant statistics
  • Quality Assurance activities
  • Summary of issues encountered/addressed
  • Details of any publications or presentations
  • Finally, supported research projects also need to acknowledged PC4 support in all reports, publications and presentations.