Monitoring melanoma risk using a phone application

Melanoma risk assessment and tailored prevention in general practice

Skin cancers account for 80% of all newly diagnosed cancers in Australia, with melanoma being the most serious form. Early diagnosis and treatment can reduce mortality but screening for melanoma is currently recommended only for high risk populations. This study aims to encourage early diagnosis of melanoma in patients at increased risk in primary care by determining the prevalence of patients at increased risk for melanoma in an Australian general practice population using a validated risk model; identifying a high risk population for tailored screening and primary prevention; evaluating mobile technology in a high risk population as a means of encouraging early diagnosis; promoting self-examination of lesions by patients of increased risk using mobile technology. This study will be the first trial in Australia that tests and measures the healthcare impacts of this type of intervention in general practice.

Current status:

Funded, open for recruitment

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Trial coordinator Emily Habgood, Department of General Practice, The University of Melbourne (