Consumer input is valuable in identifying and prioritising research issues. Consumer involvement in planning and managing projects is a key priority for PC4.

Consumers are the most important part of our vision and their contribution is integrated into every aspect of our work.

“Thank you PC4 and the team lead by Professor Jon Emery for a most rewarding experience as a consumer representative. As an inaugural member of the Joint Community Advisory Group, it has been an honour being an integral part of PC4, and to have been given the opportunity to play a role in improving the care and outcome for people affected by cancer.”

– George Fishman


To help guide you on the role of consumers in cancer research, along with some basics of how reseach is developed we recommend you complete Consumers in Research Training offered by the Cancer Council of Australia. This course is a series of four short modules, over two courses, designed to inform and prepare you to be involved in health and medical research.

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