Cheers with Peers – Episode 8 – Sibel Saya and Early Career Researchers vox pop

PC4 held their Early Career Researcher Network workshop in Sydney in May 2018. Sibel Saya who is part of the ECR network took the opportunity to talk to some of the members. The podcast highlights the varied ways in which ECRs came to the field of cancer in primary care and offers an insight into the world of academia.

Dr Laura Deckx discusses how PC4 and mentors facilitated her to achieve her research goals.
Dr Joel Rhee discusses the challenge of balancing a career in research and being a General Practitioner. He finds that both areas complement each other and mentions HammondCare where he works being supportive of his research.Dr Matthew Grant, a palliative care physician currently undertaking a PhD, discusses the crucial support of mentors and peers.
Dr Kristi Milley discusses accessing different pathways to cancer in primary care research and advises ECRs to greet and make opportunities for themselves. She believes ECRs should learn the skills of self-promotion in order to advance careers.

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