Cheers with Peers Episode 3 – Sibel Saya and Nikki Davis

Nikki Davis on consumers

An integral aspect of research for Early Career Researchers (ECR) is working alongside consumer representatives. Evidence suggests that where consumers participate in the design of research and data collection tools, the tools are more readily received and accepted by participants. In this episode, Sibel Saya and consumer representative, Nikki Davis, discuss how to most effectively use consumers in your research. Nikki discusses her presentation for the PC4 Symposium and her introduction to becoming a consumer through Counterpart. Throughout her interview, Nikki mentions Cancer Australia, Cancer Voices Australia, the Consumer Framework in Cancer Control and Breast Cancer Network Australia’s consumer representative program, Seat at the Table. Nikki shares her very personal journey about the nature of her work as a consumer representative for Joint Community Advisory Group (JCAG) for PC4 and PoCoG.

What are you listening to?

Sibel is listening to The Allusionist a podcast that takes a deep dive into the history of language.

Nikki has been listening to the ABC’s Richard Fidler Conversations. This podcast discusses extraordinary people’s lives.

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