Cancer and multi-morbidity toolkit

Development of a toolkit

People who have cancer often have other diseases, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, complicating treatment decision-making for oncologists and GPs. In order to make appropriate treatment decisions in people with multimorbidity, doctors have to assess the patient’s preferences and priorities, possible interactions between treatments and the harms and benefits of all the different treatment options. At the moment there is only limited evidence available on how different treatments interact. Therefore, in this study, a toolkit that summarizes the available evidence on early breast cancer and the 9 diseases that are most common in breast cancer patients will be developed. The toolkit will assist doctors in assessing the harms and benefits of the different treatment options and their interactions. It will first include evidence that is available in clinical guidelines, then literature will be searched for evidence that was not included in the clinical guidelines. Finally, the feasibility and usefulness of the tool will be tested by using it to guide the treatment of 50 patients with early breast cancer.

Current status:

In development